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Spending time in nature has always been an important part of good mental health and well-being. It is even more important now that we get less time outdoors. While you can’t always enjoy the local parks and trail systems like you once did, we have developed some resources to help you maximize the limited time and space that you have available to you.

NEW!! For those of you who would like to chat with us online or sign up for one of our online nature experiences including presentations (live and recorded), live interactive lessons and recorded content please sign up here. We will let you know when online nature experiences will be available and how to take part.

NEW!! We will also have an online version of our Wildlife Explorers Program available for children ages 5 - 12 years old. To take part in our Wildlife Explorers Online Nature Discovery Program please sign up here.

Species Profiles and vocabulary worksheets

Take an in depth look at some of the species that we have in the Rouge then test your knowledge with our vocabulary activity sheets attached to each profile.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.pdf

Fact Sheets and Word Searches

Learn about different species in the Rouge and use your keen eyes to solve our word searches attached to each fact sheet.

Birds of the Rouge and word search.pdf

Mammals of the Rouge and word search.pdf

Trees of the Rouge and word search.pdf


Crafts are a great way to take a break and flex a different part of your brain! We’ve created crafts that use objects that you can find at home like milk cartons and toilet paper rolls. Some crafts come with templates that you can print off at home to make creating the crafts as easy as possible for younger children.

Animal Silhouettes Instructions_pieces.pdf

Hand Owl Craft Instructions and template.pdf

RVCC Milk Carton Feeder Craft Instructions.pdf

RVCC Paper Roll Birds Craft Instructions_pieces.pdf

Colouring Sheets

Plant and Animal Anatomy

Get to know your local plants and animals a little better. Can you identify their different parts? Do you know what they do? Learn the parts of an animal or plant so that you can identify them using key ID features.

Bird anatomy.pdf

Parts of a leaf.pdf

Salamander anatomy.pdf

Outdoor Observation Sheets

Heading outdoors for a walk around the neighbourhood? Why not take one of our observation sheets with you so that you can record what you see!

Please remember to maintain a 2 m physical distance from others who may be out for a walk as well.

Bird Observation Sheet.pdf

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