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Eastern Bluebirds at
the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre

In the Rouge Park historically there were many blue birds, however by the 1980's many people under the age of 40 had never seen a bluebird. More...

Nature Notes
by Steve Gahbauer

Interesting discussion topics, facts about nature and sightings from the Rouge. Make sure to check back regularly for new notes. More...

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No matter the time of the year you can always discover something in the Rouge. Take a look at the articles and photos below to see what we have found on our recent outings. If you would like to contribute to this section, please send your articles and photos to

2009 Rouge Park
Deer Census

Signs observed and recorded ranged from tracks, trails, scat (pellet groups), beds, buck rubs, browse evidence, urine spots, kills (dead deer or parts – coyote or railway caused), corn and other agricultural browse evidence, to proto-yarding areas. More...

Rouge Valley
Wildlife Photos

Take a look at photos of plants, animals and insects found near the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre in the Rouge Valley watershed. More...

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