Rouge Valley Conservation Centre


September 2009:

For everything there
is a reason

In nature, everything is interconnected and there is a purpose to all things. Nothing exists in isolation. A year ago I wrote about the importance of saving grasslands. More...

Nature Notes by Steve Gahbauer

Interesting discussion topics, facts about nature and sightings from the Rouge. Below is a list of Nature Notes written by Steve Gahbauer. Click on the links below to view the article.

March 2009:
Nature Reawakens

When does spring really begin? In his reflections on nature (the book Wintergreen) Monte Hummel, president emeritus of WWF-Canada, says “it all begins against the snows of late February... More...

January 2009:
Trees and Climate Change, Birds and Winter

Trees help moderate our climate and make it more comfortable while at the same time improving air quality. More...

November 2008:
Of Bats and Bees

Bats have a problem. It is called white-nose syndrome and it affects mostly Little Brown, Northern long-eared, Small-footed and Indiana bats. More...

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October 2008:

Our disappearing grasslands

The harvest season is also a time when we should reflect on the often underestimated importance of grasslands and the need to save what's left of them to stem the rapid decline of grassland bird populations. More...

September 2008:

Spiders don't have very favourable press. Some people loathe them, some even fear them. And they are surrounded by myths and superstitions. More...

July August 2008:
Birds and Climate Change, Frogs, Toads and Turtles

Frogs and toads are also bellwethers of climate change and early indicators of environmental degradation. More...

June 2008:

It can happen under the cover of night or in broad daylight. It can happen in the deep dark forest or in the wide open fields. It is one of the most important biological processes on our planet, yet it remains a mystery to many. More...

July 2009:

Summer Notes

Experts estimate that Canada is home to over 142,000 species of plants and animals. To date, only half have been discovered. More...

January 2010:

It’s good news time.

The start of a new year is a good time to reflect upon our ability to roll with the punches and do some good. In nature, wildlife is always adapting to change, but the speed with which change occurs because of human activity is overwhelming. More...